Forever Perfect | A Poem

Written by Kadotake-san

The pixie child went out to play

Betwixt the grass and trees one day

With the wind at her back, and soft earth underfoot

Her sight: it was caught, one mere step forth she put

For ’twas a young boy, eyes pure emerald green

His hair jet-black, waving in a breeze unseen

His eye caught hers, and the pixie ran

But it was too late, he held her heart in his hands

The boy came forth, and the little pixie peeked

‘Round the tree, and she gave a small squeak

The boy, he had seen her, the chance was now to run

But her feet were rooted to the spot, she couldn’t move one

The boy now stood beside her, and gave a hello,

He asked the pixie her name, he wanted to know

The pixie tilted her head, and murmured her name,

The most forbidden of things, but she felt he was the same

She stared into his eyes: pools of purest jade,

His smile a dream, only goodness it bade

He reached for her hand, and the pixie shrank back

For if a human ever touched her, her magic she would lack

But this boy, he was different, he was a friend

She somehow knew he was goodhearted, truthful ’til the end

The pixie fought against every rule she could know

Then she took the boy’s hand, and felt herself glow

She knew the power of friendship, stronger than magic

And stronger than that; love, too, she felt ecstatic

She had something for herself, someone to love

Someone to lean on when life became tough

The pixie felt complete, her hand in the boy’s

And they played in the woods, the pictures of joy

From the two children sparked something between

A tender relationship, still buried, unseen

As they played in the wood that day and times more,

The pixie knew it had opened a door

And she knew it was right when her boy she had told

“I love you,” and took his hand to hold

They walked and they played

Over the grasses’ green blades

And shared happiness between the trees

They were forever perfect, ethereal, and always would be.

Published by Kadotake-san

Kadotake-san. ENFP. Possibly a criminal genius. Currently writing an 8-book series.

2 thoughts on “Forever Perfect | A Poem

  1. *gasp super loudly* GIRL this poem is just…A-MAY-ZHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOOOOOOVE it so, so, SO much!!! You’ve got skillsss, it’s INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!! The message and just how it was all worded. Like, I’m speechless over here. This has got to be one of the best poems I’ve ever read!!!!!! (Though, gonna have to be honest, I haven’t read that many poems. *sheepish grin*)

    Liked by 2 people

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