How To Make Time for Writing Often

Do you ever feel motivated to write?

You’ve got this great – no, fantastic – idea, and you really want to get it down onto the page. So you sit down at your computer, your fingers are just about to start their furious Mozart-like typing routine…

And then you realize that you have to be ready for school in five minutes.

My friends, my inspireaders, I know how this feels. It happens to literally everybody. I’d be very surprised if there’s one of you here where this hasn’t happened. Well, you mean to write, but you feel too… busy.

With two words, I can help you better this problem and fit writing in.

Making time.

A lot of us spend idle time doing other things, when, rather, we could be writing. Someone else pointed this out to me recently when she saw that I had all this spare time… but wasn’t actually using it. I had all this time to use, but didn’t even know!

I find that writing in the mornings is one effective way to slip writing into your day. Perhaps wake up a little earlier one morning to get some writing in after breakfast. It doesn’t have to be a massive amount of time, you just need to set some aside, no matter how much.

We say we don’t have time, yet we actually do. All you need to do to make time for writing is just to carve out the random times in your day where you’re not really doing anything (or anything important, at least), and fill them with writing! Maybe, for you, it’s that time when you are finished with school, or when your parents make dinner. For me, it’s in the mornings after I’m done with other things and before I do schoolwork. Luckily, my parents are pretty flexible about how long I can write during that time, so I sometimes fit in a good 1-2 hours if I’m motivated.

If you’re homeschooled, like me, or out of school, then I have a bit of a different approach for all of you out there. Even if you are still in school, you can use this method too.

Try to set aside one certain time of the day where you will write (or think about writing if you’re unmotivated to actually write), for example, at 4 in the afternoon. Then, once you hit that point each day, make a habit of sitting down there and writing for a while. Even if you’re uninspired to, just being there and trying to write will make writing a habit, a part of you.

It may sometimes seem hard to do things like that, but just setting aside random times in random places and writing, will add up. Soon enough, you’ll be wanting to write a lot and you will be writing, no matter how busy you are.

I hope that this helps any of you who may have been struggling with managing writing on the side of everything else. I’ve just recently been overcoming this block and these tips have helped me a lot!

All for now,

~ Kadotake-san

Published by Kadotake-san

Kadotake-san. ENFP. Possibly a criminal genius. Currently writing an 8-book series.

One thought on “How To Make Time for Writing Often

  1. YESS!!! I also try to get up in the mornings and write a couple of hours before school. (Also *high fives* fellow homeschooler!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!! I feel like I’ve done this before. XD) Also, I LOOOVE the idea about setting a specific time to write. I’m TOTALLY gonna try that out and see if it helps me to actually get some writing done!!! WOHOOO!!!! THANK YOU For this great post, girl!

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