1K Per Day Challenge – Write With Me!

Hello, my inspireaders, and happy St. Patrick’s Day, actually! It’s the 17th of March today! πŸ˜‰ (Do any of you have St. Patty’s Day traditions? My dad’s actually from Ireland, so we always decorate and have a potluck with lots of green food! Let me know in the comments below what you guys do!)

Anyways, Irish culture aside for now, I have a challenge for you, my inspireaders. I’m calling this the ‘1K Per Day’ challenge. It may be a bit self-explanatory, however, allow me to elaborate.

For this challenge, I am daring you to write one thousand words or more on any one of your projects – it can be on your current novel, a short story, or a new story idea – every day for a week.

This may seem rather intimidating, especially if you’re unmotivated. But I promise you that if you complete this challenge, you will not regret it.

I’ve recently been doing something similar to this; over the past few days I’ve been setting word count goals for myself. Just yesterday, I took some time out of my day (okay, it was more like 65% of the day) to sit down and write. I managed to write five thousand words yesterday! You can do something similar, too.

With this ‘1K Per Day’ challenge, I want you to sit down and write a bare minimum of one thousand words daily for a week. I’ll be doing this challenge, too. If you do this, there will be massive rewards. A few days ago, I was stuck on a certain part of my novel, but with a few hours and some brainstorming, I managed to write over four thousand words that day.

I’m not saying that you need to set the same goals for yourself that I do, but even writing one thousand words every day will positively impact your writing. Doing this will teach you amazing self-discipline, and I’m certain you’ll be motivated to write after the challenge!

Making a point of writing often will become habit. You will want to write afterwards. Even on the first day that I set a word count goal for myself, I wanted to keep going after I was finished! I felt so motivated and very proud of myself that I was able to accomplish that goal.

However, one word of warning: these types of challenges aren’t for everyone. Setting goals for myself works with my writing schedule and how I write, but for some people it may not. If you think this challenge would work for you, then by all means, please join me on this writing journey! Who knows, maybe you’ll want to make writing a thousand words every day your daily writing routine.

I’ll be writing a wrap-up post in one week, sharing my experiences and asking you to share your experiences with the challenge, as well. I will also create a topic on Kingdom Pen for those of you who are on the forum, so you can share there, too.

Now, my inspireaders, I leave you with one question:

Are you up for the challenge?

~ Kadotake-san

Published by Kadotake-san

Kadotake-san. ENFP. Possibly a criminal genius. Currently writing an 8-book series.

6 thoughts on “1K Per Day Challenge – Write With Me!

  1. HAPPY SAINT PATRICKS DAY, girl!!!!!!!!! My fam doesn’t really have any awesome traditions, but we do try to wear green. *hides because I’m not wearing green*
    Anyway, this challenge SOUNDS SOOOOO AWESOME AND I AM TOTALLY IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Challenge accepted!!!!! However, school has been soooo time consuming lately, I mean, I seriously have like no free time right now with school, beta reading, supporting the one hundred and thirty blogs I follow (help), answering the 20+ emails/comments I get every day, and extra things I’m a part of (basically I mean the creative writing club I’m in at school and Kingdom Pen), so I’ll try my hardest to write one thousand, but if it looks like that’s too much, could I maybe lower my goal to five hundred? Would that be okay? Right now, I literally don’t write at all, so to get five hundred words a day would be just INCREDIBLE!!!! THANK YOU for hosting this awesome challenge!!!!!!! *sends motivational cookies to all participating* May we finish triumphantly!! *pumps fist in the air* FOR FRODO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Happy St. Patrick’s day to you too!! ❀ I'm glad you're in!!! Yeah, I totally understand. The point of the challenge is to make a habit of writing and meeting goals, so that's totally fine, girl!! <333 No problem!! *bites into motivational cookie* FOR THE FELLOWSHIP!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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