About Kadotake-san

Kadotake-san wrote her first story at the age of five, about a tree that was ‘nice and when she was really nice that was great’. Now that she isn’t five anymore, she’s writing a (currently) 8-book fantasy-adventure series. Her favourite genres of books are fantasy, dystopian, and realistic fiction. Her favourite book series are ‘The Green Ember’, ‘Many Waters’, ‘Artemis Fowl’, and ‘Lord of the Rings’. However, her favourite book of all time is ‘What We Found In the Sofa and How It Saved The World’ by Henry Clark, which you should definitely go read.

In her spare time, Kadotake-san enjoys reading, drawing, and listening to music. She draws people and listens to pop and lo-fi, in case you were wondering. (Her favourite songs are ‘Ride’ by Twenty One Pilots and ‘Love Me Again’ by John Newman.) Perhaps she’ll post some of her art here one day, but in the meantime, ’tis just writing for now.

In regards to favourite character types, Kadotake-san enjoys a good criminal, feisty fairies, the crazy planners, and those cute shy boys that have deep internal conflict and learn to overcome it. She has interests in time travel and anything Japanese, as well, and loves God. Kadotake-san also is unafraid to say that she’s drawn one of her characters a current 25 times, with more drawings sure to appear.

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